Thursday, October 30, 2014


"Blue Eyes " of  "Nantahayleh"*

* This mountain group in Western North Carolina attains to about 5,500 feet. On their summits in September flowers the Fringed Gentian.

"Blue Eyes " of  “Nantahayleh,”
These blossoms blooming fair
When September days dawn grayly,
And the mountain beeches bare;
The vales and valleys under,
Though still leafed, begin to show
Faint glimpses of the wonder
Of the woods,—when all aglow

With .the touch of Autumn's fires:—
Glint of crimson—gleam of gold,
And about the Alpine spires
Soft the sunlit mists are rolled.
E'er October's frosts grow bitter,—
E'er November winds blow bleak,—
Where the golden-rods still glitter
On the prairies of the peak;

On the mountain meadows spreading
From the "Wayah" to the "Wine,"
Though the beech its brown leaves shedding,
Softly fringed, these "Blue Eyes" shine:—
"Blue Eyes" of " Nantahayleh,"
Opening here in flowery guise,
Drinking in the sunlight daily,—
Eilled with secrets of the skies.

Can your lassies show me bluer
When I kiss their rosy lips?
Can your ladies stow me truer
When Life's hopes are in eclipse?
Nay! I'll trust these "Blue Eyes" blooming
Spite of leaf-fall and of frost:—
Though the grayest shadows glooming,
These tell us Hope's not lost.

When "Blue Eyes" of "Nantahayleh"
To the dark days beauty bring,
I read prophecies that gaily
Predict the deathless Spring:—
After the Autumn's fading,
After the snowflakes fall,
Comes Hope—the blind heart aiding,
Comes Love—the Best of all.

"Blue Eyes " of  “Nantahayleh,”
With fringed lids—opening shy,
"Blue Eyes '' that peep out gaily
Through clouds to yonder sky;
Fair signs and tokens given
To show how Nature gives:—
The Soul that loves is shriven,
The heart that hungers lives!

-From “Song of the  Sahkohnagas” (1902) by “Hugh Deveron” (Arthur Middleton Huger, 1842-1925)

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